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Our camping rates are based on time-of-season, level of hook-up & site type.

Peak Season runs June 1st - September 30th / Reservations Recommended

Drop-In sites are "first-come/first-served", sold in-person on a daily market.

We offer a weekly rate of 7 nights for the price of 6. Weekly Rate = One Free Night.

The weekly rate discount is not available on drop-in Lakeside RV sites.

Rates listed do not include 12.375% sales tax or our $10 reservation fee.

Grand Marais campground camping sites on Lake Superior

Standard Tent

$31.50 / Night:  June 1st - September 30th

$26.50 / Night: 

May & October

Lakeside Tent

$36.50 / Night:  June 1st - September 30th

$31.50 / Night: 

May  & October

Bike Trail Tent*

$24 / Night:  June 1st - September 30th

$19 / Night: 

May & October

*These sites drop-in only

Monthly Rates

We offer monthly rates on select sites. Availability is limited and subject to a waiting list. Please contact the Park Office for more information.

Standard Electric/Water/Sewer

$48 / Night:   June 1st - September 30th

$43 / Night: 

May & October 

Pull-thru Electric/Water/Sewer

$51.25 / Night:  June 1st - September 30th

$46.25 / Night:  May & October

Lakeside Electric/Water/Sewer*

$62.25 / Night:  June 1st - September 30th

$57.25 / Night:

May & October

*These sites drop-in only


$43.50 / Night:  June 1st - September 30th

$38.50 / Night:   

May & October   

More Information on Reservations & Rates:

We require a $40 deposit on all reservations; this includes a $10 non-refundable reservation fee. $30 of the deposit is refundable with two weeks or more cancellation notice. Cancelling inside two weeks of the arrival date forfeits the entire $40 deposit.

Reservations open on a month-by-month basis, 6-months prior to the month you want to book.

Nov 1st = May, Dec 1st = June, January 1st = July, February 1st = Aug, March 1st = September, April 1st = October

Arrival dates are released for online and/or telephone booking at 8 am CST on the First of each month. 

For those intending to arrive at the end of one month and depart at the beginning of the next month, you must call the office to make the extension into the next month if that month is not yet open to reserve.

Nightly/Weekly sites have a 2-week limit of occupancy. You may stay longer by moving to a different site (if available).

Basic rates listed include: 1 camping unit, 1 vehicle, 1 boat/trailer; up to 4 adults (18+) per site. 12.375% tax not included.

The following nightly rates apply for add-ons: $5/adult, $5/vehicle/boat.


No more than 6 people per site. Large tenting parties may utilize our Group sites.

Group sites are primitive, available for groups of 7 or more and priced at $8/person/night + tax. Kids under 2 are not included in the headcount.

A 3-night minimum is required for Fisherman's Picnic Weekend in August, and guests may reserve up to 3 sites per-person on the phone or in-person for this busiest of busy summer weekends.

Lakeside RV and tent sites on the harbor (#1-18) and Bike Trail tent site (#73-85) are drop-in, first-come/first-served.  

Registration for drop-in sites begins at 8 am at the front desk each morning, pending availability. The party occupying the site must be present to register. No saving drop-in sites for friends/family yet to arrive.

If you would like to stay longer in a drop-in site, you must renew by the afternoon of your last paid night.

We try to honor specific site requests and reservations, but do not guarantee them.


We reserve the right to reassign campsites as needed.

Please be prepared to provide your name, phone number, address and credit card information when making a reservation. We accept all major credit cards.

Reservations are held until 1 p.m. of the afternoon following your arrival date.

We do not provide refunds for early checkouts.

Weekly rates are available only at initial registration. No retroactive rates.

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