We're in winter mode - No water/bathhouses

Camping is available, $20 electric/$10 tent

No reservations taken, just show up

Reservations for 2023 open on a month-by-month basis; 6-months ahead of the month you want to book.

Nov 1st = May dates, Dec 1st = June dates, Jan 1st = July dates, Feb 1st = August dates, etc...


*For those intending to arrive at the end of one month and depart at the beginning of the next month, you must call the office to make the extension into the next month if that month is not yet open to reserve.

BookYourSite.com is live at 8 am CST on First Days of the Month, including January 1st.

Given the holiday, we’ll be in to answer phones on January 3rd.

Reservations online at BookYourSite.com

 On the phone @ 800-998-0959 / 218-387-1712